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Registration Fee:  There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $50

Deposit:  Once a spot has been confirmed a deposit of the first month will be required to secure the space. This deposit will be put towards the child’s first month of care. A deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE 

Refunds and Discharge

Refunds: Please be advised that there are no refunds for any absenteeism, whether occasional or short-term. Refunds will not be

issued if your child’s program day falls on a holiday, a scheduled trip day, vacation or other unforeseen reason i.e. inclement weather, emergency building closure, Covid. 

Fees and policies are subject to change with two-week's notice.


* We ask that you give 1 month notice prior to a child’s discharge. Less than 1 month notice will result in full payment for the next month. This notice must be in writing.

* Oshi’s Daycare will give 2 weeks notice prior a child’s discharge.  

Daycare Closures

We are CLOSED on the following dates: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas: from the last Friday before Dec 24th (Inclusive) until Jan 2nd

These closures have been factored into your fees. All Statutory holidays are payable daycare days and full day care fees must be paid. 

Covid and Snow Days

Covid:  Absences due Covid must be payed in full.

Snow Days:  The centre will reserve the right to decide whether to close the centre early or for the whole day if it is unsafe for parents or staff to commute.  Oshi's will follow Halton Region School Board for snow day closures.

What our customers are saying

"​My baby is so happy there, thank you Nadia for all the care and love you give to the babies"

Andrea Gonzales

I have been to oshis daycare personally and what a clean and exciting inviting environment.

I had seen so many activities that my 2 boys would really enjoy. The staff was extremely friendly during the walk through.

Explained everything that the daycare offers and what they expect from the parents.

Very well organized when it comes to the Dailey routine.

The overall impression of oshis daycare that I had gotten was very professional and organized.

Robbie Quantrill

I believe that Oshi's Daycare is the ideal place for his care and development. Z. is an energetic, curious, and sociable child who thrives in nurturing environments. I was impressed by your daycare's well-rounded program, which balances structured activities, outdoor play, and rest periods.

 Zoya Edroos

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