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Infant Room

Our infant teachers design an enriched curriculum tailored to the developmental ​needs and goals of our children. While each child learning is different, there is a class schedule to help guide activities throughout the whole day.

Sample lessons and activities include but are not limited to music, art, sensory development, gross motor, fine motor, social and emotional development.

We provide lots of age-appropriate toys and sensory activities to encourage learning, sense of curiosity, and adventure.

Toddler 1 and Toddler 2 Rooms

And the fun begins!...

Our curriculum and environment are design​ to cater to each toddler’s desire to discover and explore while teachers offer support and guidance to enhance the learning experience. 

Many big changes of a toddler happen in the toddler program. This is an important period where your child is learning to potty train, self-feed, sleep on a cot rather than a crib and much more.

Our program places an emphasis on organization, exploration, and cooperation. Your child is now developing cause and effect relationships, independence and increasing communication with expressive and receptive language.

Pretend play, story times and sensory explorations that include a listening center, science area and music are all implemented to enhance your child’s early development. 

Preschool Room

Our preschool curriculum is created to stimulate and develop all aspects of your child's brain and social development.  Children in this group will be surrounded by a safe and nurturing learning experience that allows them to enhance their social skills and learn how to better express themselves.  Our teachers encourage and support your children to become confident in their abilities by guiding them to recognize numbers and letters, including to write and read their names; to learn about science, math, social skills and music, promoting readiness to kindergarten.  

Letter, number and shape recognition is mastered before they enter kindergarten.

Active Learning

Our curriculum is based in the four foundations of the ELECT document:  Belonging, Well being, Engagement and Expression.  This is the stepping stone every child needs to be successfull in their 

holistic development.  

We truly believe that by providing these foundations, along with knowledge, love, care and tons of fun, children will flourish and can reach their true potential.

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