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“We need a teacher who is sometimes the director, sometimes the set designer, sometimes the curtain and the backdrop, and sometimes the prompter. A teacher who is both sweet and stern, who is the electrician, who dispenses the paint, and who is even the audience - the audience who watches, sometimes claps, sometimes remains silent, full of emotion, who sometimes judges with skepticism, and at other times applauds with enthusiasm.”

.                                                                     — LORIS MALAGUZZI



We are interested in meeting ECEs & ECAs who are excited about working within a newly built and thoughtfully designed space, and want to be a part of a dynamic community full of opportunities for engagement and place-based learning.

At Oshi’s, we want to reflect our understanding that supporting all of our staff has immediate and long-term benefits for the whole team, the company’s sustainability and, most importantly, the children in our care. We are driven to create a fair, fun, and holistic workplace where those who are fostering our children are valued, challenged, and feel at home.


  • ECAs
  • RECEs

Oshi's understands how valuable the connection between body and mind is to maintain a healthy balance between our workplace and home.  


At Oshi's we provide to our employees:  

  • A competitive and living wage
  • Benefits
  • Paid staff meetings
  • Paid vacation with each paycheck
  • Professional opportunities
  • Partially paid approved professional developmental opportunities
  • Team oriented environment
  • Birthday celebrations and gifts for the teachers
  • Free lunches
  • Christmas party and gifts for all the staff
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